Site Rates & Supplemental Charges

Tenting (Non-Serviced) Sites - $44.95 - $64.95

The Cove Oceanfront Campground has a variety of traditional, un-serviced sites available to guests traveling with tents, hard-top/tent-trailers, and vans less than 21 feet in length. Each site accommodates one camping unit and one vehicle. The un-serviced area is located in a wooded portion of the park and features sites on the Bay of Fundy, overlooking the ocean or in sheltered locations. A map showing the location and base rate for each site may be viewed here.

Full-Service Sites - $69.95 - $129.95

The full-service portion of the Cove Oceanfront Campground is located on two terraces facing west over the Bay of Fundy. Each terrace has Standard and Premium size sites, and the front rows enjoy unobstructed views.

Guests are requested to provide an accurate overall length of the camping unit, inclusive of carrying rack and/or any additional attachments. For 5th wheels - please be certain to measure the total unit length from hitch pin to rear bumper or carrying rack. For guests who are not able to obtain an accurate measurement of the total length of the camping unit for reservation purposes, complimentary measurement services will be provided upon check-in.

Standard size sites accommodate one camping unit up to 34 feet in total length, and rates vary with view and proximity to the Bay of Fundy.  A map showing the location and base price of each Standard full-service site is available here.

For vehicles of 34 feet and above, pull-through parking, guests who utilize both a camping vehicle and a tent, and those who prefer a more spacious site - a variety of Premium sites are available. Generously sized, the base rates and locations of these Premium sites may be viewed here.

Big Rigs, groups of coaches traveling together or families who wish to camp in a compound may wish to consider the Private Waterfront Terrace which may be viewed here.


What does the Base Site Rate cover?

Posted base site rates provide accommodation for one camping unit, one vehicle, two (2) adults and up to three (3) children under the age of 16. Complimentary Wi-Fi service and heated pool privileges are included at no additional charge. Applicable Supplemental Charges and Harmonized Sales Tax are additional.

 Are there other costs?

Supplemental Charges include:

   For everyone:
        - Recycling Fee - $1.50/site/night
        - Nova Scotia's 15% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)         

   If applicable:      
        - 2.99% Convenience Charge: assessed on credit card transactions
        - Confirmed Reservations: one-time charge of $11.95/site
        - 50 amp service, where optionally available: $15.00/night
        - Additional Person over 3 years of age: $12.00/night
        - Site Specific Reservation: $5.00/night/site, requires minimum stay of two (2) nights
        - Early Check-in: $10.00/hour prior to 1 pm
        - Late Check-out: one-half of total daily rate extends check-out time to 4 pm
        - Additional Tent, on approved sites only: $35.00/night
        - Additional Vehicle, on approved sites only: $25.00/night
- Guest and Visitor Fees:
                        - Overnight Guest: $15.00/person/night
                        - Day Visitor w/ swimming privileges: $10.00/person/day
                        - Basic Visitor: $5.00/person/day

Group Sites:

A variety of camping options on the Bay of Fundy are available for groups traveling together, ranging from tenting for bicycle tours to a private, full-service Waterfront Compound. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Rates and charges are subject to modification without notice
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Our Guests Say...

We won't share the number of our favorite tent site at the Cove, but it keeps us coming back year after year...Love it!

Shea Smith, New Hampshire

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