Booking Policies: Reservation, Payment & Cancellation

Confirmed Reservations:

Reservation requests are accepted up to eighteen (18) months prior to arrival.

Standard reservations are accepted within a price category, i.e. a full-service Standard Waterfront or an un-serviced site in the $41.95/night category.

For guests staying two (2) nights or more who wish to select their tent or Premium full-service site, a Site Specific Reservation Service is available. If the requested site is available for the dates selected it may be secured for an additional charge of $5.00/night.

Each site reserved requires a non-refundable deposit equal to the camping fees for the first two nights (selected base site rate and any applicable Supplemental Charges, Reservation Fee of $9.95 and Harmonized Sales Tax of 15%)

Reservations for holiday weekend periods require payment in full for the entire stay at the time of reservation. Total charges will equal the base site rate and applicable Supplemental Charges, including the Reservation Fee of $9.95, any Holiday Premium which may be assessed & Harmonized Sales Tax of 15%.

Deposit may be provided by cash, eTransfer, personal check, money order/cashier's check, bank transfer or VISA/MasterCard 

Length of Stay:

Guests will be checked-in upon arrival for the full number of nights reserved, without exception. Please reserve only the number of nights that you wish to stay - should you wish to extend your visit, we will be pleased to accommodate you as availability allows.


Payment in full, less the pre-paid deposit, is due upon arrival.

Methods of payment include cash, E-transfer, travelers cheques, debit, VISA, MasterCard, and personal cheques received more than three (3) weeks prior to arrival.


Cancellations documented by the office more than one week (seven days) prior to scheduled arrival date will be provided with a letter of credit valid for twelve (12) months. Cancellations received less than seven (7) days prior to arrival will forfeit the deposit. Arrival dates may be re-scheduled within twelve (12) months without penalty.


Refunds are not available for cancellations or early departure.

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Our Guests Say...

We just wanted to say "thank you" for our wonderful stay in Parker's Cove. Your campground was the best we stayed at while in Nova Scotia and we will certainly recommend it to others that may be traveling there. People in Nova Scotia were exceptionally friendly and laid back, which felt wonderful in this dog eat dog world we are in! Again, thank you for the stay and should we get to Nova Scotia again we will certainly make it a point to stop by!

Beth and John S., Vermont

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